Stars of Kovan

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Stars of Kovan Shops for Sale Singapore

[icon name=icon_pin] Upper Serangoon, District 19

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Stars of Kovan Shops for Sale. Back in November 2014, a mixed use land parcel with a size of 10,097.1 sq m was put up for tender. Surprisingly, although the property market was rather cold, it attracted 11 firms and consortiums. This attest to the to the attractiveness of the location and its used. District 19 and the heartland of Kovan are posed for a great transformation.

Asset Legend (whose holding company is Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited won the bid by submitting 15% per cent more than the second highest bid at $240 million. They value this piece of land because of its proximity to Kovan MRT Station, and its main-road frontage, which works well for the commercial units that have to be built on the first storey.

A property expert indicated that the commercial units will typically attract buyers first and this will then have a spillover effect on buying interest for the residential

As a result, we have STARS OF KOVAN, positioned to provide convenience to its neighbors and its residents a real work, live and play environment. This project is a mixed development of condo and shopping mall. The shining star in District 19.

At the residences part, it consist of a condominium of 390 apartment units and 5 strata terrace units.

Facilities for the residences are comprehensive comprising lap pool, children pool, aqua deck, outdoor shower, pool deck, playground, reading deck, clubhouse, lounge, gymnasium, children play room, function room, water features, BBQ deck, reflexology path, landscape garden, sky garden and viewing decks.

There are 46 commercial retail shops units for sale at the first floor. The smallest shop unit is 215 sqft and the largest is 861 sqft. Units could possible combine to form a larger unit. Shopping would certainly be a delight to the residents and the neighbourhood dwellers.

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For Drivers, it takes:

• 5 minutes to Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

• 15 minutes to Orchard Shopping Belt

• 18 minutes to Central Business District (CBD)

• 20 minutes to Singapore Changi Airport
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Amenities (Food, Recreation, Notable Schools)

It is food galore at Kovan. Some Singaporeans come from afar to get to Kovan for dinner or supper. Some even gave Kovan the reputation of a supper haunt. There is Punggol Nasi Lemak, Soon Soon Teochew Porridge, Nakhon Kitchen, Flavour Flings, Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum, Ice Edge Café, Lola’s Café, Hatter Street Bakehouse & Café, Sunday Market, Kombi Rocks Diner and many more.

The Hougang Sports Hall with its swimming complex is one beautiful place for anyone interested in swimming, playing badminton, track and field, ClubFITT and others.

Some of the notable Institutions near Stars of Kovan are:

• Paya Lebar Methodist School

• Serangoon Junior College

• Stanfield College

• Xinghua Primary School

• YuYing Secondary School

• Holy Innocents Primary School

• Serangoon Junior College

• Rosyth School

• Maris Stella High School

• Australian International School
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Stars of Kovan Shop for Sale Advantages

1. Distinctive British Inspired Charm Commercial Shops

2. Commanding street level prominence of about 100m at the junction of Upper Serangoon and Tampines Road

3. Dual street frontage and shops are able to leverage on the hive of bustling activities around the vicinity

4. Able to attract wide audience with impactful signage

5. Able to liven the entire surrounding with a palette of vibrancy

6. Able to attract patrons from MRT system as the mall is 2 minute stroll to Kovan MRT Station

7. A magnetic huge catchment of residents living in the condominiums nearby.

8. Attract regular clients from Seletar Aerospace Park, Lorong Halus Industrial Park, Punggol and Sengkang residents, who have limited dining and shopping options where they live

9. Increasingly to be a well known location for expatriates. One current retailer 10 per cent of his customers are expatriates from countries such as France and Australia.

10. The relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase in the future will be a strong pull for patrons other than in Defu Industrial Area and iPaya Lebar

11. Nestled in a matured established housing estate with a strong Singapore heritage corridor of ‘Lag Go Zioh’ (6 milestone area)

12. Architecture by reputable award winning architects – Team Design Architects

13. Landscape architect designed by highly sought after and famous design architect – COEN Design International

14. Developed by renowned developer with great reputation, member of Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited

15. Not affected by cooling measures such as Sellers’ Stamp Duty (SSD) and Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty (ABSD)

16. Foreigners eligible

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The developer Kovan Treasure and the holding company is Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited (CKPH) in Singapore.

CKPH is one of the largest developers in Hong Kong with market value of S$41 billion as of 31 December 2015.

With its long history of property development expertise, CKPH has built many of Hong Kong most notable landmark buildings and complexes. About one in seven residences in Hong Kong were developed by CKPH.

Other projects done are Thomson Grand, The Vision, Cairnhill Crest, Costa Del Sol and Thomson 800.

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  • Project Name: Stars of Kovan
  • Address: Upper Serangoon Road
  • Property Type: Commercial Shops
  • Tenure: 99 year leasehold
  • District: District 19
  • Gross Floor Area: 108,684 sqft
  • No. of Storeys: 17
  • Unit Mix: Retail Shops, Condo Units, Strata Terrace Units
  • TOP: Nov 2020 est

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Contact Us

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+65 6100 8123

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