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Industry Property Singapore Infographics

Types of Industrial Properties Singapore

Most of the industrial properties in Singapore are being hosted by JTC and there are not many strata industrial properties.

There are 3 zones of industrial property types:

Business 1 – Building used for industry, warehouse, utilities and telecommunication uses where the nuisance buffer is 50 m or less

Business 2 – Building used for industry, warehouse, utilities and telecommunication uses where the nuisance buffer is more than 50 m but still within health and safety buffers.

Business Park – Buildings are used for non-pollutive industries that engage in high technology, research and development, high value-added and knowledge intensive activities.

With limited strata industrial properties available for sale, many companies took the opportunity to own them for their own use and investors have their own strategies to obtain such properties.

For users, there is high chance that it may more sense to own an industrial property versus having to rent one. There are still some good strata industrial properties available for sale from the developers.

Below is an infographics on Industry Property of Singapore:

industry property singapore infographics


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