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Heavy Vehicle Parking Lots for Sales Singapore

Rare Covered Heavy Vehicle Car Park Lots

for Whole Floor S$6m for 185 HVP Lots

at Tampines (Next to Ikea, Courts & Giant)

URA is looking to study on the travel and parking patterns of heavy vehicles in Singapore. They highlighted that there are 44,000 heavy vehicle parking spaces for the existing 34,400 registered heavy vehicles in Singapore. They also highlighted it is increasingly challenging to increasingly challenging to continue providing heavy vehicle parking spaces in close proximity to housing states as many of the existing heavy vehicle parks will need to be redeveloped for new homes and community facilities.

Reference: Today Online on URA Press Release dated 3 June 2016

Special Pricing at S$6m for 185 Covered Heavy Vehicle Car Lots

Opportunity is opened to purchase at T-Space, located at Tampines North.  Consisting of 1 entire level of 185 heavy vehicle lots, this would serve many businesses in the East.

T-Space is a 9 storey multiple user ramp up light and general industrial factory which has obtained TOP.  As such, please feel free to make an appointment with us to view the actual HVP Lots.  There could be some industrial units left for sale as well.

In the longer run, Tampines North will be hosting 21,000 new HDB homes along with a range of facilities and more new commercial developments.  It is expected to have easy access to Tampines MRT, which is a hub for East West Line and Downtown Line and a Bus Interchange.

Floor Area for Level-5 HVP is around 154,322 sqft

Lot Size:  7.5m x 3m and 10m x 3.3m

More details of this new industrial developing.  CLICK HERE.

T-Space Heavy Vehicle Parking for Sale.001
T-Space Heavy Vehicle Parking for Sale.002

Actual Pictures Taken On 26 July 2018

T-Space For CosySingapore.com.003
T-Space For CosySingapore.com.006
T-Space For CosySingapore.com.005
T-Space For CosySingapore.com.008

T-Space Location

tampines north dr 1.005
tampines north industrial concept

Heavy Vehicle Parking Singapore

In order to mange heavy vehicle parking in Singapore, the government started the Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) Scheme which was implemented since 1994.

Mainly, it was to manage overnight parking of heavy vehicle in the public streets and in residential areas. In addition to being a safety hazard, it was blamed for being noisy and polluted with smoke. As such, the government had to step in the designate some car park space for heavy vehicle and be away from the residential estates.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be the authority to issue licences for a place to be an authorized parking place within some specifications. Owners of heavy vehicle have to note that it is an offence if they do not park at designated parking place between 1 2 midnight and 6 am.

Definition of Heavy Vehicle

"Heavy Vehicle" means -

• any heavy goods vehicle including concrete mixer or the likes with a maximum laden weight of 5,000 kilograms;
• any bus with a seating capacity of more than 15 persons, excluding the driver;
• any trailer, container trailer, low loader or flat-bed trailer, with a maximum laden weight of 5,000 kilograms; and
• any mobile crane or recovery vehicle of which unladen weight exceeding 2,500 kilograms.

Vehicle Parking Certificates (VPC)

VPC will be the documentary proof that a owner need to display to indicate that his vehicle has a designated parking lot for overnight parking. The VPC is valid for the road tax period of the vehicle. It is non transferable. This is a requirement for the registration of a new vehicle, road tax renewal and transfer of vehicle ownership.

Authorised Heavy Vehicle Parks

Heavy vehicle owners may approach HDB, URA or other licensed parking operators to acquire overnight parking lots. These parking operators need to apply for VPCs on behalf of vehicle owners because the operators are in direct control of the parking lots.

Overnight Parking Place within Vehicle Owner's premises

Owners or lessee of an industrial premise may use their premise for overnight parking of heavy vehicles upon approval of application to LTA. The number of VPCs is dependent on the available space. The parking of heavy vehicle is forbidden in a residential development.

Owners of heavy vehicle may approach any of the authorized park operators. A list of authorized parking is available at onemotoring web site.

Update from LTA

July 2015

The licensee shall ensure that no vehicle other than a heavy vehicle is parked in any parking lot for the parking of one heavy vehicle in his private parking place during the period between midnight and 6 a.m. of any day.

June 2015

Owners of the license are allow to issue VPC for a fee for the designated lot for the parking of heavy vehicle.

During the valid period of the VPC, the licensee is not to prevent, obstruct or interfere with, or cause the prevention, obstruction or interference of, the use of the designated parking space by the person to whom the VPC has been issued or by such person authorised by him.

A notice of offence carrying a compounded fine of $400 will be issued for the above offence from the first offence without any advisory. This stricter process is to ensure that heavy vehicle owner issued with a VPC has a parking space when he returns to park his vehicle between 12am and 6am.

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