Health City Novena

Health City Novena

Singapore’s Biggest Healthcare Complex by 2030

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Master Plan

The master plan for HealthCity Novena was officially launched in 2013, embracing the development of a healthcare hub which will cater to the future healthcare needs of our population, while integrating with the community at Novena.
Focusing on Care, Continuous Learning and Innovation, Community, and Connectivity, it has collaborations with the following seven institutions to integrate care, education, learning and living in the central region of Singapore.

  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • National Skin Centre
  • Dover Park Hospice
  • Ren Ci Hospital
  • National Neuroscience Institute
  • National Healthcare Group and its latest partner
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine – to integrate care, education, learning and living in the central region of Singapore.
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HealthCity Novena is described as Singapore’s largest medical complex with 15 integrated buildings including 9 new developments. boasting 8 hectares of greenery, fitness and heritage for the community and a comprehensive network of aerial bridges, basements and street linkages to facilitate safe and convenient access across HealthCity.

The total number of beds for acute care will go up by 12 per cent, and the number for intermediate step-down care, by 60 per cent. This means that the number of step-down beds in Health City will go up from four to six for every 10 acute beds.

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Smart City

The use of robotics in healthcare at Tan Tock Seng Hospital uses to automate their pharmacy operations in the picking and packing of medications and tracking of expiry dates has helped to improve safety and waiting time. They are also looking to develop an intelligent IT system to connect its emergency department, wards and housekeeping to manage its 1,500 beds across different locations.

Another example is Tele-health - leading to innovative ways of delivering healthcare faster, cheaper and better. For example, tele-rehabilitation allows stroke patients to perform rehabilitative exercises or physiotherapy in the comfort of their own homes, leveraging the convenience of communication technology.

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Patient’s medical records can be accessed wherever he is, part of the integration of institutions’ collaboration. This will help them to perform complementary functions are sited together to optimise care and are interlinked for safe, convenient and good access to care.

The healthcare hub will channel more resources to ambulatory and intermediate care – including rehabilitation, sub-acute care and palliative care – as such services facilitate the transition of patients back to the community.

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