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Singapore is famous for food. If there is good food, even at obscure locations, food lovers would flood the outlets. New restaurants and cafes are popping up here and there and in quite a fast pace. On the other hand, there are just as many which close down.

Freehold food and beverages outlets are very attractive to Operators and Investers.  In a land scare Singapore, any freehold property are well sought after.  They have to be also be practical as some locations evolved very quickly to be a nest of diners.

Freehold Restaurant / F&B Shops from Developers

183 Longhaus (Five Units, Ground Level for Sale)

Location: Upper Thomson Road

Developer: TEE Ventures

Architect: Metaphor Design + Architecture

  • Rare Freehold Level 1 at Upper Thomson
  • Mix of Residential, Shops, Restaurants
  • Near Marymount / future Upper Thomson MRT Station


Location: Changi Road

Developer: Wealth Development

Architect: DP Architects

  • Rare Freehold Ground Level at Eunos
  • Mix of Offices, Shops, Restaurants
  • Near Eunos / Paya Lebar MRT Station
F&B pics.002

Some F&B Statistics

Singstats (from Department of Statistics Singapore) indicated in December 2017 that there are about 7,679 F&B establishments. Operating expenses in 2016 was 51% than in 2006, reaching $7138 per sqm. Sales of food and beverages services in December 2017 increased 3.1% as compared to 2016 with total sales of $748m. For fast food outlets, restaurants and other eating places, the increase is in between 4.1% and 4.3%. Turnover of food caterers declined 4.4% in the same period.

Food Business in Singapore

There are many aspects to consider in food business in Singapore. Top of the list is Labour. Hiring and motivating staff can be quite challenging. The quota for hiring of foreigners is constantly restricted.

Getting the appropriate licenses is also difficult. There are liquor licenses, food shop licenses and these licenses have to be obtained from different governmental authorities.

Cost of starting the operations can also be challenging as the outlet need to be attractive, the kitchen must be very operational easily and there is the cost of rental if the business owner is not the owner of the premise.

Location, Location, Location

Then there is the infamous Location, Location, Location. It has to be easily accessed, availability of car park lots, obvious (preferably at road level), large enough to host enough seats and tables and most importantly, able to get a stream of patrons.

For someone who is keen to get a food and beverage shop, the tenure of the premise will be a key aspect. Depending on the location and Singapore Master Plan, the tenure could be freehold, 99-year leasehold or 999-year leasehold in general. For one who is looking for an investment on the longer term basis or to pass down to the next few generations, getting a freehold would certainly be the prime choice if the price is right. Some investors would need to study on the return of investment and gauge for themselves on the possible demand and supply of the potential patrons that the food operators could attract.

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