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Food Factory Regulations Singapore

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) which is a government statutory board, licenses all establishments in food processing foundations where food is fabricated or manufactured, prepared and packing with the objective of distribution to wholesalers and retailers. Some of the food processing such as pastry or bakery and flour candy confectionery industrial facilities, dairy preparing plants, noodles and pasta makers, surimi-based items production lines and, and so on.  Licenses issued by AVA also apply to butcher or slaughter houses and cold stores that are utilised for storage of meat or fishery items. Retailing of food such as for restaurants, kiosks, cafe, groceries, food wagon and catering are licensed by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

All food companies authorised by AVA are subjected to customary assessments to guarantee safe food and fit for consumption.  Laboratory analysis could be conducted to check for consistence with the Food Regulations.


There are 4 types of grading done by the AVA on food establishments; "A", "B", "C" or “D”.  This is based on food safety and cleanliness guidelines done yearly.  The aim is to allow food companies to continuously upgrade, to be competitive and produce safe and wholesome food.  Consumers can be assured of the high standards when they purchase the food.  A list of food establishments with their respective grades can be found at AVA website.

Inspection and Sampling

Regular inspections are done for all food processing establishments, cold room storage and slaughter houses.  Frequency of the inspections are dependent on the grade and compliance history of the establishments.  Usually done unannounced to get a more accurate assessments.

All food companies authorised by AVA are subjected to customary assessments to guarantee safe food and fit for consumption.  Laboratory analysis could be conducted to check for consistence with the Food Regulations.

Food Storage Warehouse

A "Food Storage Warehouse" is characterised as any building, office, structure, or premise, where food is stored for sale or distribution.  This include cold room for storage of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.  A coldstore licence  is required for the storage of meat & fish product.  Likewise, AVA conduct regular inspections on all registered food storage warehouses

Legal Power

AVA is able to take legal action against any licensee who is found in rupture of licensing conditions or contravene any provision of the  Wholesome Meat and Fish Act and the Sale of Food Act.  AVA may suspend or repudiate the permit that was issued to the licensee until they are satisfied that with the rectification implementation.

Food Factory

There are limited establishments that were licensed to handle food by AVA.  A total of 964 food processing establishments, 139 cold stores and 15 slaughter houses were licensed by AVA in 2015.    There were 1,130 food storage warehouse in the same year.

Come April 2018, there will be a B1 industrial building for food factory at Mactarggart Road, in Macpherson area to be launched called Mactaggart Foodlink.  It will be a 5 storey building with only 28 exclusive units.  Great for food manufacturers who could plan here and as a real estate investment.  Completion of this is estimated to be in 2020.

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