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We are a group of Real Estate Consultants from Huttons Asia who are trained and keen to service customer in the commercial property arenas.

Our philosophy is Priority in Customer Service.  The sale or purchase of a property requires much effort, information, analysis and time that we will provide these for you.  Moreover, we always believe in providing our clients full satisfaction and look forward to referrals and repeated businesses.


We are from one of the power teams from Huttons Asia, the KGD (for Knowledge, Growth, Distinction). We have many programs in nurturing real estate consultants in providing better services to our customers.

For Our Commercial Clients (Office, Retail Shop, Industrial, Medical Suites)

Property Buyers:

We are marketing many new property launches in Singapore and some other countries, such as UK, Vietnam and Cambodia. Every property has its advantages. We look forward to meet up with you to understand your requirements so that we could aptly recommend the best one for you. If new properties are not suitable, we also have a resale team that we are working with closely.

Property Owners:

Let’s work together and let us help you promote the sales or rental of your commercial property productively. With our ability on leveraging on the Internet, we would be able to reach out to more prospective buyers, via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Facebook marketing.

Property Landlords:

Let us help you find tenants. Similar to an open house for sellers, we have to impress potential tenants for your unit. There are several ways to do so. Being competent in online marketing, we would be able even able to reach out to potential tenants who have not reached Singapore.

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Leverage on our strengths, not with just one person but a team of people. We are certainly happy to hear from you. You are most welcome to contact us.

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