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Floor to Floor Height

1st Basement 4.38 metres approximately
1st Storey 3.15 metres approximately
2nd Storey 3.15 metres approximately
3rd Storey 3.15 metres approximately
4th Storey 3.15 metres approximately
5th Storey 3.15 metres approximately
6th Storey 3.15 metres approximately
7th Storey 3.15 metres approximately

Floor Loading

Each Storey 5 kN/m2


Glass and/or timber doors and PSB’s approved fire-rated doors where applicable.
Provision of Bi-fold doors to Toilets

Plumbing and Sanitary

Good quality sanitary wares and fittings in compliance with statutory requirements to toilets.
Floor trap and water tap-off point are provided to all Shops and Clinics.
Floor trap and water tap-off point are provided to all Restaurants and Food Court and are connected to grease interceptor.

Fire Protection System

Sprinkler and Fire Alarm System are provided in compliance with authority requirements.
Dry Risers and Hose-reel System are provided in compliance with authority requirements.

Town Gas

Town gas supply provided for Restaurants and Food Court only

Exhaust Duct

Individual Kitchen Supply and Exhaust Duct will be provided up to the Restaurants and Food Court. Each Restaurant/ Food Court may discharge up to a maximum capacity as stated:-

Basement 1 = 7,000CMH per Food Stall (max. Of 5 stalls)
1st Storey = 9,000CMH per Restaurant
3rd Storey = 15,000CMH per Restaurant
5th Storey = 9,000CMH (Unit #05-01 & #05-02),
5,000CMH (Unit #05-16),
7,000CMH (Unit #05-17)
Regular maintenance, cleaning and servicing of the ductwork will be responsibility of the Purchaser.
Kitchen hoods, kitchen supply and exhaust fans within the Restaurant/Food Court shall be installed by the Purchaser. The kitchen exhaust system installed by the Purchaser must be designed to remove oil, smoke & odour so as not to be a nuisance / inconvenience to the neighbours as required by the NEA, by installing UVC light and carbon filter to the kitchen exhaust hood. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to comply with the NEA requirements for air discharge.
Kitchen exhaust equipment & components, including but not limited to ductwork, hoods,filters, fans, controls, etc, must be maintained, serviced and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper and efficient operation

Units Type Electricity Supply

#B1-01 Restaurants 60A 3 Phase
#B1-03 Food Court 150A 3 Phase
#B1-02, #B1-04 Shops 30A 3 Phase
#01-01 Shops 60A 3 Phase
#01-02 Shops 30A 3 Phase
#01-03, #01-04, #01-05, #01-06 Restaurants 60A 3 Phase
#03-01 Restaurants 80A 3 Phase
#03-02, #03-17 Shops 60A 3 Phase
#03-03 to #03-16, #03-18 Shops 30A 3 Phase
#05-01, #05-02, #05-16, #05-17 Restaurants 60A 3 Phase
#05-03 to #05-15 Shops 30A 3 Phase
#07-01, #07-11 Clinics 60A 3 Phase
#07-02 to #07-10 Clinics 30A 3 Phase
Exit and Emergency lights in each unit

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