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Career As Real Estate Broker Singapore

Do you have a keen interest in Real Estate and wanted to be a professional in dealing with Properties?

Life as a Property Agent can be as exciting as you can get. Admittedly, the market has its ups and downs. In 2016, it is considered down but it will soon go up. In fact, now is the best time to learn as much as possible and get down to this line of career.

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

You are most welcome to join us at Huttons.

Huttons is THE AGENCY to join if you are keen in doing new launches and this will also complement the Resale and Leasing markets. Huttons has been achieving great success in marketing of new developments. Recently, Huttons achieved more than 59% than the joint marketing agency at Sturdee Residences and five time more at Stars of Kovan.

There are more than 100 local and international projects for you to consider to market and there are not restrictions which you can market. You can opt to attend the briefing and training of each development and even decide whether to join the core team.

You can also join me in the Huttons Commercial Connect program focusing on resale and leasing of commercial properties.

Essentially, there are opportunities for:

Projects (Local and International)
- Residential
- Commercial/Industrial
- Executive Condo

- Residential
- Commercial/Industrial

Just email me or give me a call and explore from there.

Get Empowered for Success

Personalised Training

1. You will be mentor in closing techniques
2. You have opportunities to attend Project and Resale Proficiency courses to strengthen your fundamentals
3. You can attend FREE sales and empowerment training to strengthen your closing techniques

Cutting Edge Information Tech

1. Free Social Media Support and Training
2. Free Customised Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)
3. Mobile App to serve y our clients-on-the-go
4. Personalised IT support to enhance your capabilities
5. Your very own marketing property web site (SPECIAL BONUS)

Medical Subsidies

Health Screening Subsidies

1. 50% off for Salesperson
2. 20% off for immediate family members

Medical Consultation Subsidies

1. 80% off for Salespersons
2. 50% off for your immediate family members

Legal Support

1. Free in-house legal consultation
2. Free monthly in-house external legal training

If you are keen to join us, we would like to have a chat with you and let’s explore your new endeavours.