HAUS @ Serangoon Gardens

haus introduction

haus introduction


District 19 | 99 yr leasehold | at Serangoon Gardens

Haus @ Serangoon Gardens is a landmark residential development which will deliver significant measurable and direct cost benefits to individual homebuyers over a long-term period.

This eco landed housing estate will also have a lower carbon

footprint throughout its entire life-cycle through the extensive 'greening' of each and every home.

Located at Serangoon Gardens, you will be surounding by famous eateries @ Chomp Chomp, NEX Shopping Mall and AMK Hub.  It is also well connected to CTE and exploring the rest of Singapore will be a breeze.

You can expect top quality.  With 3 storey plus basement, 5 bedrooms, 2 parking lots, this exclusive landed development will be a place of convenience and modern ambience where you would call it HOME. 

The siting of this development captures both the idyllic and the dynamic. Vibrancy that moves from bustling to laidback surrounds you as you are given the choice of venues to suit your mood.  Imagine having so much to choose from, that everyday could bring a whole new experience. This development places you close to almost everything that is appealing and exciting. Inside each home, every inch of space is fully utilised and carefully designed to add warmth and comfort to fast-paced urban lifestyles.  A living concept reflecting a lifestyle with a truly unique difference, where exclusive units design to balance modernity and luxury,  delivering a home that you can truly enjoy.

Home means an experience in warmth and comfort like never before. Yet at the same time, this is where every thrill, joy and excitement is waiting just to be discovered and savoured, adding an extraordinary touch to everyday living.

The entire development exudes intelligence in every detail, offering a new degree of beauty, privacy and functionality.  Discerning tastes are defined by clever clean layouts, open living and dining spaces.  Ample day light creates inviting interiors that are heightened by the hush that comes with being nestled here. Nothing comes closer to heart than the warm interiors of your treasured abode.  Specially designed with the end user in mind.

Haus @ Serangoon Garden is the first landed residential estate to be awarded the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) top-tier Green Mark Platinum.  Its design uses both passive and active green building approaches to ensure that a comprehensive sustainable design is integrated in the building.  Every house comes equipped with state-of-the art green technology that helps save water and energy. It is also the first landed housing development in the country to uses a one kilowatt-peak photovoltaic (PV) system, which captures solar power to offset the grid electricity consumption.  Other green features include the use of rainwater for gardening and an innovative air-conditioner heat recovery system.   Please refer to the blog on this award.

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The Green Features and their respective benefits are as follows:

Designed for Energy Efficiency

  • First landed housing estate in Singapore to be equipped with a Photovoltaic (PV) system (using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity) installed on the roof of the houses. The solar energy generated will help to offset the consumption of grid electricity by the refrigerator.
  • Passive and Low Energy Architectural design and good overall layout orientation (North-South Orientation)
  • Usage of cool roof and hardscape materials which reflect more sunlight
  • Installation of energy efficient inverter air-conditioning (with 4 Green Ticks Energy Label) with heat recovery capability
  • Innovative air-conditioner heat recovery system to convert waste heat generated by the air-conditioning unit to provide hot water in the bathrooms 


  • Estimated energy savings of up to 40% savings per month for each typical terrace house, depending on their individual lifestyle and utility usage pattern.
  • Minimise external heat gain and achieve maximum daylight harvesting
  • Allow for energy conservation and achieving low Residential Envelope Transmittance Value (RETV)
  • Reduce urban heat island effect and heat gain on façade
  • Enjoy energy savings from the highest “4 ticks” energy-efficient air- conditioners 

Designed for Water Efficiency

  • First landed housing estate in Singapore to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system on a project-ready basis
  • Installation of water efficient sanitary fixtures and fittings (certified under PUB’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) such as tap fittings and water closets 


  • Minimise water wastage and increase the overall water usage efficiency of each house
  • Total estimated water savings of up to 40% for each house, depending on individual consumption pattern. 

Implementation of Sustainable Construction Methodology and Good Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Extensive use of sustainable materials for construction, including eco-friendly cement in place of ordinary Portland cement in concrete production, green concrete (Recycled Concrete Aggregates and Washed Copper Slag), eco- friendly materials (certified under the Singapore Green Label or Singapore Green Building Product schemes)
  • 30% recycled content in ceiling board, road pavements and pre-cast concrete drain and road kerbs
  • Utilisation of non-chemical termite treatment system
  • Extensive use of pre-cast / pre-fabricated components in construction
  • Carbon footprint study conducted for project to identify ways to mitigate the environmental impact of the development
  • Ample window openings to ensure good air flow and circulation and natural day-lighting
  • Air-conditioner has Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter to absorb and decompose bacteria 


  • Utilisation of materials with recycled content to minimise impact on the environment
  • Reduce toxicity levels of emissions to the environment during the treatment
  • Improves buildability, resource efficiency and productivity
  • Improve environmental performance during construction phase
  • Maximise fresh air entry to interiors and treat air-conditioned air to optimise occupants’ comfort at all times 

Other Green Features or Eco-Initiatives

  • Fan points provided at living and dining areas of each house to allow owners to install their own fans
  • Installation of eco-plugs to inform residents on the energy consumption of their electrical appliances
  • Lush green landscaping incorporated in the surrounding public park, which is equipped with modern play equipment & 3G exercise station
  • Provide easy access to recycling facilities with recycling bins located around the estate 



  • Encourage the use of less energy intensive air cooling appliances
  • Allow monitoring of energy usage and encourage reduction in energy use by occupants
  • Promote recycling amongst occupant

For more details on HAUS@Serangoon, kindly call Desmond at 91143737 or fill up the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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