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Freehold Office Spaces for Sale Singapore

Singapore is the best place to do business according to the World Bank and has emerged to be the most business-friendly for 10 years in a row in 2015. It is not surprising that Singapore residents are considered workaholics. There are many business opportunities locally and around the region. Many companies have chosen Singapore to be their regional headquarters and there are also many small and medium size companies based in Singapore and are raring to go overseas for more opportunities.

That would mean, the owners of these companies rely a lot on their workforce to be productive and hence, the need to ensure a good working environment is being established.

As Property Investor

Owning a FREEHOLD office would serve the investors well ‘forever’. After some years, the investment would be paid off and investors can continue to get income from the office space. As investors, good located offices can be rented out quite easier especially for the newer office spaces. Rental yield generally at least covers the cost of loans and with a limited supply of freehold space, the chances of increasing the value of such office spaces are very high.

As Owner Operator

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell your children and future generations that they have an office to use for their current and future businesses? Having simply an office to operate a business can be critical whether it is a new business or current business. In addition, there is no Additional Buyer Stamp Duty and Seller Stamp Duty to be concerned about.

As Company Executive

With Singapore’s reputation as a key regional and global hub for companies to do business, coupled with the fact that Singapore is also the number One investment destination in Asia, having a FREEHOLD office asset can be one of the best management decisions to be made. For company with freehold offices, there is no need to be concerned about leasing an office and having to setup and dismantle the office setup for each move.

Freehold Office Spaces from Developer

Freehold office spaces are very limited but there are still some opportunities to purchase them directly from the developers.

Changi Road Location

Located at Changi Road, near to Euonsville and it takes about 5 minute walk from Eunos MRT station, this FREEHOLD development comes with a distinctive chic façade. Supported by restaurants and shops on the lower levels, office workers would find it a great delight to work at this location. In addition, there are many famous eating options in the neighbourhood. Floor to floor height of the office units is approximately 5 meter and with the volume space, there are many options to utilize the large spaces. Each unit comes with it own restroom.

Serangoon Road Location (Farrer Park)

This is located just 2 minutes walk to Farrer Park MRT station and that would be a great delight to the office workers and visitors/customers. Each unit is column free and with a floor to floor height of 4.9m, it provides occupants with much flexible storage and design. Some of the units provide unobstructed views of Little India conservation area which can be so inspiring. There are also many famous eating outlets to satisfy various taste palates. In addition, 24-hour shopping opportunities can be found next door at Mustafa. This development will transform this part of the Serangoon Road to be a modern and contemporary working environment. This new development has yet to be launched publicly and there are opportunities for level buyers.

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